Chemicals in common male grooming products could make your hair fall out, surgeon warns

Chemicals in common male grooming products could make your hair fall out, surgeon warns

A leading hair surgeon has warned that the ingredients in common shampoos and other products could damage our hair so much that it might fall out.

Sam Cinkir, CEO of hair and skin specialists Este Medical Group, says harsh chemicals are to blame and warns users to pay much more attention to what’s in the bottle.

He also warned against wearing your hair pulled back too tightly as it can causes breakages.

“Many of us carry out some form of grooming routine each morning and styling our hair can be one of the most important tasks,” he said.

He told Wales Online: “However, some people don’t realise that the products they are using to make their barnet stronger and look better are actually having the opposite effect”.

Cinkir added: “Styling products can contain between 15 and 25 chemicals and some of those ingredients can damage your scalp, promote dandruff and cause hair follicles to fall out.”

The not-so fab five ingredients to avoid
The following ingredients can do your hair more harm than good, causing drying and breakages:

Isopropyl Alcohol
Propylene Glycol
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
Laureth Sulfate
Polyethylene Glycol
Cinkir went on to say many apply their product too forcefully, and simply use too much, leading to the hair being overexposed to chemicals unnecessarily.

He added: “It’s important to know exactly what you are putting in your hair and how to do it, so try speaking to your barber and ensure your grooming routine helps you look better, not worse.”

A wealth of chemicals are used in shampoos to help banish dandruff and style or strengthen it.

Of course, most are completely safe, particularly in mainstream over-the-counter products, but some dodgy chemicals still linger in more inexpensive shampoos.

Among the very worst offenders are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Laureth Sulfate, commonly used to clean oil and dirt from the hair.

And when used a little too much, they can easily strip your mane of natural oils and proteins, leaving it vulnerable to breakage and loss.

It’s a good idea to choose products with more natural ingredients. Jojoba or coconut oil can be a much kinder alternative, recommends Cinkir.

Meanwhile, opting for ‘the most dangerous hairstyle’ – ie: one that puts pressure on the hair follicles every day, such as a pulled-back one – can make strands brittle and prone to falling out. So best not to do it.